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Oculoplasty and Orbit


Oculoplasty is the plastic surgery of the eye, used for beautification, enhancing the eyelids, orbit, tear ducts, and face. It requires finesse to execute a perfect Oculoplasty. Our Oculoplastic surgeon specializes in the intricate details of the eye and guarantees you a chance to reshape or restructure your eyes. It can also help in the restoration of burnt skin, if the eye is unharmed. The surgeons are equipped with the best resources and with the latest surgical procedures of the new age. Our surgeons also restore damaged eye structures which were occurred due to strokes, burns or infection.

Oculoplasty services:

Seedi Eye Care provides a range of Oculoplasty treatments as mentioned below.


It is the removal of baggy eye skin, or the loose skin that appears below the eyes or above the eye lids. The excess skin appears naturally due to aging or stress. With Blepharoplasty in which we use a radiofrequency device, these loose skins are cleverly removed, resulting into a dramatic ageless appearance.


It is a condition when the eyelids stop moving post paralytic attack, or the inability to close the eyelids due to scars or stroke. They can lead to consequent eye damages like dry eyes, corneal ulcer etc. By surgery the eyelid movement is restored.

Facial Trauma and Fracture

Due to certain traumas and fracture, the eyelids can easily become stiff. These occur either due to stroke or by accidents. By surgery the eyelids can be restored to normal


It is a condition when the eyelids move inwards. Mostly found in people above the age of 50, it occurs due to several reasons like trauma, infection, inflammation, or diseases like Steve Johnson syndrome. It results in the inward development of eyelashes which later disturb the cornea, leading to corneal ulcer. This can be easily treated by Oculoplasty in which the inward eyelashes will be removed and the condition would be treated with respective medications


Just like Entropion, this is a condition when there is extra skin inwards the lower eyelid, leading to development of lower eye lashes inside. This is also removed with the help of Oculoplasty.


In this case, the eyelids are turned outwards. It happens mainly due to laxity. The other causes are inflation, infection, trauma etc. This can also be restored with the help of oculoplasty.

Droopy Eyelids

The eyelids droop down the eye too much which disturbs vision. In some children this situation can lead to lazy eye. With the help of Oculoplasty, it can be easily restored to normalcy.

Thyroid Eye

When there is a blockage in the tear duct, it can lead to watery eyes. There can be many causes to it, including birth related to infection, tumour etc. Surgically removing the blockage ensures the proper functioning of the eye

Eyelid reconstruction

If there is any defect on the eyelid, it can be surgically restored. The ophthalmologist might use several surgical procedures to restore the natural eyelids.

Socket Reconstruction

After the removal of eyeballs due to various reasons like tumor, damage, burns etc, the socket is surgically reconstructed to prevent from further infections.

Contracted Socket

If the socket is unable to hold an artificial eye, the situation demands the surgical reconstruction of the contracted socket. By the help of Oculoplasty, one can achieve the right dimensions for the new eyeballs.

What our patients have to say

What our patients have to say

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