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Glaucoma is a terrible eye disease which damages the optic nerve, due to the sudden build-up of aqueous humor (the fluid between the cornea and the anterior chamber) which increases the eye pressure. If not treated in time Glaucoma can lead to permanent vision loss. With early detection and regular treatment, Glaucoma can be prevented. At seedi eye clinic, we understand the importance of healthy eyesight and therefore, we offer the latest and best Glaucoma Treatment in Bangalore at an affordable cost.

How does it happen?

The cornea has a fluid beneath which helps nourish the tissue and also maintain the eye pressure. When the fluid suddenly increases, the extra fluid cause a hike in the eye pressure, which in turn affects the optic nerve. Once the optic nerve damages beyond recovery, the person may no longer be able to see through that eye.

What are the symptoms of glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a slow growing disease. Thus the early symptoms are rather painless which makes it quite difficult to realize. However, the following symptoms can be a warning sign:
• Loss of peripheral vision
• Appearance of tunnel vision
• Severe eye pain
• Blurred vision
• Vomiting due to eye stress
• Halos near light
• Problem in seeing in dim as well as bright lights
• Red eyes

What are the various types of Glaucoma?

There are mainly two types of Glaucoma
1. Open-angle Glaucoma
2. Closed-angle Glaucoma

Open angle glaucoma

It is also called chronic glaucoma. It progresses very slowly without any warning. Often people with open angle glaucoma realize the disease by the time it is too late. Any loss of peripheral vision or difficulty inside vision is the early sign of glaucoma, and the treatment should be performed without delay.It Is Treated By The Eye Specialist In Bangalore At Seedi Eye Care Centre With Either Glaucoma Medication To Lower The Pressure, Or With Various Pressure-Reducing Glaucoma Surgeries.

Close angle glaucoma

This case glaucoma, fortunately, has ample warning signs. A Sudden increase in eye pressure, pain, and difficulty seeing through light can alert you that your eyes need serious medical attention.

Glaucoma treatment and surgery

The ophthalmologist might begin with medications. However, if the situation demands, the patient must be prepared for a surgery. The aim here is to cut down the pressure in the eye and thus the ophthalmologist might use one of the following procedures:
1. Trabeculoplasty: Using a laser beam the clogged drainage canals would be unblocked, letting the extra fluid to drain out.
2. Viscocanaostomy: The channels in the eyes shall be opened out and the extra fluid shall be let to pass.
3. Aqueous Shunt Implant: A silicon tube is inserted into the eye to help drain out the fluids.


1. Why Choose Seedi Eye clinic For Glaucoma Surgery?+

Seedi Eye Care provides one the finest, highly professional and completely ethical approach in the field of Eye care. With the team of best Glaucoma specialist, we ensure you feel safe, and at home, and we make sure you recover as soon as possible with utmost care towards your health.

2. How long does it take to recover from glaucoma surgery?+

It takes about 8-10 weeks to recover from a glaucoma surgery.

3. How long does it take to do glaucoma surgery?+

It takes 45 minutes for a glaucoma surgery.

4. Can I have LASIK surgery if I have glaucoma?+

Yes. You can have LASIK surgery when you have glaucoma, if the pressure within the eye is under control. It is however advised to get treated for glaucoma before.

5. Who Is At Risk of Developing Glaucoma?+

It mostly affects the people who have a family history of glaucoma. Yet the other major contributors to this disease are diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Even though it frequently affects people of older age group, there is no specific age when you may or may not have glaucoma. It can affect anyone, at any age.

6. Can Glaucoma Be Cured by Laser Techniques?+

Yes. The most common mode of surgery, trabeculoplasty, is done with the help of laser beams.

What our patients have to say

What our patients have to say

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