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Will I need glasses after Cataract surgery?

Will I need glasses after Cataract surgery?

What are Monofocal IOLs?

Monofocal IOLs are lenses with single focal point. They can either be for near, far or mid distance. Depending on the nature of the patient’s refractive error, the doctor decides upon the proper IOL to be installed. However, once installed, the patient would not be able to use it for other purposes. For example, if a patient has refractive errors for near sightedness as well as far sightedness, and the IOL installed in the Cataract eye is a Monofocal for distance seeing, he/she may not be able to see nearer objects. In this case, the patient needs to wear glasses.

What are Multifocal IOLs?

Multifocal IOLs are designed with more than one focus. These IOLs are specifically designed to aid the patient for the correction of multiple refractive errors. The patient hence gets rid of glasses and can normally see all the objects whether near or far.

What are Accommodating IOLs?

Accommodating IOLs are spherical IOLs which are specifically designed for multiple vision correction. Using them the patient can enhance his range of clear vision. These lenses have flexible supporting legs that hold the lens in place. They aid in clear distance vision, and many people have found that they no longer need support of glasses for reading or computer. However it is advised to use glasses for near vision for such lenses.

What are Toric IOLs?

Toric IOLs are special type of lenses which are designed in such a way that they can be used for the cure of Astigmatism. As many of you might be aware that astigmatism is the refractive error due to which the patients often suffer from blurry vision.