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Pediatric Squint eye surgery and Strabismus Treatment

What is Squint (Strabismus)?

Strabismus refers to eyes that are out of alignment. They may be converged, diverged, vertically or even torsional misaligned. Surgery maybe appropriate for constant or intermediate divergence and this is dependent on a number of factors
How often you’re meant to visit the ophthalmologist depends on a number of factors. Depending on age, adults need more frequent visits because with age it is important to keep a regular check on your health. Even school going kids need eye exams to protect their eyesight and also prevent any future health issues.

Squint Eye specialist at Seedi Eye Care Centre

Pediatric Squint ophthalmologists department at Seedi eye care treats all eye problems in kids below the age of 15. We use special techniques to access vision in children, special hand held instruments needed for small children. A child friendly atmosphere is set up so that the kid feels safe and also corporate with the doctor. The available facilities include:
● Visual acuity screening for all age groups
● Fixation targets and accommodative near target
● Prism tests
● Stereo acuity

Every parent should watch out for the following symptoms in their child

● Poor performance in schools, especially when taking down note from the board
● Squinting
● Reoccurring headaches
● Also, keep in mind the family’s history of eye disorders.

Correction of squint

At Seedi Eye care centre, we offer the most advanced Squint eye treatment through the latest modality eye surgery which is hassle-free, convenient and a day care procedure. A squint develops when the muscles of the eye do not work in a balanced way and they do not move together in a coordinated manner.
This lack of coordination leads to misalignment. In case of the squint one eye points in the direction the person is actually looking in and the other turns inward, outward or downward. This problem is common among children. Our eye specialist is the best judge and will advise the right treatment for the correction. The earlier the treatment starts the better are the chances for its recovery. The usual treatment includes use of a prism in the spectacles and sometimes surgery also can correct squint. Amblyopia therapy may also need in case of the lazy eye.

What our patients have to say

What our patients have to say

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