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Lasik Eye Surgery In Bangalore

What is Lasik Eye Surgery?

Lasic Eye Surgery, professionally referred to as LASIK or Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis is a kind of refractive eye surgery, vaguely popular around the world and proven to be highly safe and equally effective by various health institutions around the globe. Laser beams are used with precision to operate on the delicate eye tissues which can easily be focused on the damaged parts and correct them, thus saving the unnecessary cutting and tearing of unharmed tissues by the use of knife. With the use of LASER beams, the finest innovation in the field of technology, it treats eye problems like-
Myopia: Also referred to as near sightedness.
Hyperopia: Also called far sightedness, is a refractive error.
Astigmatism: The person suffers from blurry vision, due to the refractive error of the natural lens when the image doesn’t properly form on the retina.

Why Seedi Eye Care for Lasik surgery?

A Laser procedure which is SAFE, PROVEN, TRUSTED and PAINLESS. Seedi Eye Care Center provides one of the finest services in Laser eye surgery at affordable cost
● The best in class equipment.
● 7 Years of experience
● The Latest LASIK Technology – clinically proven LASIK technology will be used for your laser eye surgery procedure.
● Offers superior clinical results.
● Affordable – we offer affordable LASIK procedures and easy financing for your laser vision correction in Bangalore, starting at Just INR 20,000.
● Conforms to International Eye Safety Standards.

How Lasik surgery is performed?

The ophthalmologist uses the sharp LASER beams to reshape the cornea. This way the reshaped eye lens is freed of refractive errors and the patients retain their normal eyesight.

Best Lasik eye Surgery hospital with Latest Equipment’s

Seedi Eye Care Center is famous for being the best LASIK eye surgery hospital in Bangalore with 5.0 Rating on Google based on Patients reviews. We have the latest technology with the best equipment from across the world. We are famous for providing one of its kind experiences to all our Patients and have highly qualified Eye surgeons sharing a very good reputation. All the equipment at Seedi Eye Center is procured keeping in mind the international standard followed by renowned companies across the world like Carl Zeiss, Alcon & Keeler.

Is it safe?

Around 98% people all over the world have been highly satisfied by the use of Laser eye surgery, based on last 10 years’ data. Considered as safe and highly effective, Laser Eye Surgery is the best option for patients who want to shed off their glasses.

Are all patients allowed for a LASIK?

Ideal conditions for having a LASIK surgery done is when the patient has a healthy retina, sufficiently thick cornea, and normal eye pressure. It would be determined by your eye doctor. Under such normal conditions, it is perfectly safe for having a LASIK. However you should refrain from the surgery if you have any of the below:
● Pregnancy or nursing: Vision fluctuates during this time, making it difficult to diagnose.
● Immune system disorders like Rheumatoid,arthritis, HIV, lupus etc. decrease your ability to heal.
● Large pupils (above 8.5 mm): LASIK will lead to vision glare, halos near light and disturbed night vision.
● Chronic dry eyes: LASIK will rather worsen your condition.

How to prepare for Laser Eye Surgery?

Stop wearing contact lenses and switch to eye glasses at least 3 weeks before surgery. On the day of surgery, eat light food and your prescribed medicines. Do not wear makeup or lotions etc.

How much time does it take during surgery?

It takes nearly 10 minutes. We will use a numbing agent on your eye and then perform the surgery. You might feel a little discomforted but rest assured, LASIK is one of the most painless surgeries. The surgeon will place a shield on your operated eye after the successful procedure. Make sure you wear the flap for the prescribed period of time.

Dos and Don’ts after a LASIK

Do not take off the protective flap until your doctor allows you
Do not rub your eyes
Keep using the drops and medications prescribed to you. They are mostly given to you for preventing infections.
Keep visiting for regular check-ups. It might take around 2 months for your eye to fully stabilize.


1. Why Choose Seedi Eye clinic For Laser Vision Correction?+

Seedi Eye Care provides one of the finest eye-care facilities in the country at affordable cost. The physicians are professional and ethical in their approach.

2. How long does LASIK Surgery take?+

The surgery takes around 10 minutes.

3. How long does it take to recover from laser eye surgery?+

Around two weeks.

4. Can I watch TV after Lasik eye surgery?+

It is advised not to do so until you fully heal from the surgery.

5. How long does it take for your vision to stabilize after Lasik?+

It takes around 6 months to fully stabilize your vision.

6. How long is your vision blurry after Lasik?+

It will take around six months for your eyes to fully stabilize. Hence your vision will be blurry till then

7. When can you rub your eyes after Lasik?+

Only after you fully heal from the surgery, and preferably only after you doctor allows you to.

8. What are the side effects and risks with LASIK or PRK surgery?+

There are no side effects except a 0.01% chance of infection or inflation.

9. Are There Any Risks And Side Effects Of LASIK?+

For people with thin cornea, enlarged pupils or infections Lasik is risky. If your eyes are ideal for Lasik, it has no risks or side effects.

10. Can both eyes be treated at the same time?+

There should be a gap of at least two weeks between both eyes’ Lasik surgeries.

11. How do I know if I'm eligible for laser vision correction?+

You should check with your doctor and get your medical history submitted.

12. Can I wear contact lenses after LASIK?+

For 8-12 weeks until your eyes fully stabilize you are allowed to wear contact lenses.

What our patients have to say

What our patients have to say

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