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Specialists in Seedi Eye care Department of Ophthalmology use a wide range of tests to examine your eye, these include simple ones like having you read a eye chart but also have a complex set of tests like using a high powered lens to visualise and examine the tiny structures inside the eye. A comprehensive eye exam can take about an hour or so depending on the complexity of the test and also the doctor conducting the procedures. The eye and vision tests carried out here are

Visual acuity test

This is a test to measure the sharpness of one’s vision, usually performed using an eye chart to measure your distance visual acuity.

Colour blindness test

This is a screening test that checks your vision of colour and is one of the primary test in a comprehensive eye exam.

Cover test

During this procedure the doctor makes you cover both eyes individually and tests how they work by themselves. This helps determine the dominant eye and also checks if your vision is well co-ordinated.
Adults above the age of 40 are recommended to get a comprehensive test every year. Cataract, dietetic retinopathy etc may develop with aging. Already diabetic patient need check-ups on a even more regular basis.
Genetic disorders like glaucoma need to be shown from an early stage and frequent visits to the ophthalmologist to keep it under check.

What our patients have to say

What our patients have to say

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