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Squint eye Treatment and costs in Bangalore

Squint Eye Treatment and Cost in Bangalore

Solution through eye surgery and treatment

Squint eyes, which are the misalignment of eyes, is also known as lazy eye. The easiest way to find if a person has squint eye is by noticing whether the person or child is able to focus on any object in particular. There are various kinds of squint eyes depending upon factors like direction of the lazy eye..

Squint eyes can be easily treated of noticed at an early stage. However, if ignored it can lead to serious complications and issues. Some of the common types of surgeries for squint eye depending on intensity of the squint are- glasses, eye patch, Botulinum Toxin Injections, and Surgery.

The surgery is done by correcting the loose muscles of the affected eye(s). The loose muscles are mostly related to the outer muscles. Surgery of the eyes in such scenarios are generally harmless although in rare cases can lead to the operated eye being red in colour for a few days due to regrowth of tissues.

Squint Eye Surgery

Squint Eye Surgery Cost

After surgery, the patient is in dire need to take up a few precautions to avoid further complications. Some of the involve using eye drops, avoiding rubbing of the eyes, using only glasses and no contact lens, and saying no to other foreign bodies in the eye like sand, paint, dirt etc. The cost of the squint eye surgery varies depending on the intensity factor as well as the hospital.

The patient’s point of residence also matters. Generally, the cost of the treatments or surgeries can vary from Rs 10000 to Rs 1,00,000 in Various Eye care centre in Bangalore. This also depends on the hospital’s use of technology and other resources required for the surgery.