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How much does Squint Eye Surgery Cost in India?

How much does Squint Eye Surgery Cost in India?

How much does Squint Eye Surgery Cost in India?

First Lets discuss what is Squint or Strabismus ?

A medical condition in which the eye muscles are weak and eyeball focuses in a different direction, this is called squint. The vision of a healthy is focused on the centre part of the pupil. The main trouble of squint eye is in focus the object. One eye can be normal and focused centrally but the other might be loosely attached. It's the simplest condition and also called lazy eye in general term and this is easily curable. One major reason is weak eye muscles; another reason may be the neural condition in which there is a weakness on the part of the brain which controls eye movement. For simple squint condition, the treatment is initiated with glasses/ contact lens and eye patches are even used. The eye patch treatment is where the normal eye is covered with a patch and the troubled eye is forced to focus on objects, improving the vision. It's a good process but very time-consuming and results reflect in a few years. The best way to fix this eye problem is surgery as it helps to correct the positioning of the eyeball and the vision is corrected.

The process of treatment:

In this process muscles that move the eye are corrected, so with surgery muscles are tightened as to lose suppleness and the focus of eyeball is corrected and moved towards the center of the pupil. In some cases, there are defects in both the eyes and both of them are operated. This surgery is being practiced for a long time, and with the number of years it's perfected and more equipped getting a success rate of 100%. This surgery is even recommended for children. If very small, then preferred to be little older and then get the surgery done. But do not push it to older ager, as the eye muscle tends to adjust to the crooked vision, so to fix back to normal is really difficult. It's suggested to get the surgery as soon as you get to know about it.

How much do you need to pay for Squint Eye Surgery or strabismus Treatment in India?

The cost of Squint Eye treatment in India may vary from INR 25,000 to INR 1 Lakh depending upon the technology used by the Eye Hospital and other resources required for the surgery.

At Seedi Eye Care Centre we treat squint patients of all age and we have special paediatric squint ophthalmologist to treat eye problem of child below the age of 15. The available facilities are:

  • Visual acuity screening for all age groups.

  • Fixation targets and accommodative near target

  • Prism tests

  • Stereo acuity

Eligibility for Squint Eye treatment:

Anyone whose eye muscle affects the eyeballs is eligible. Surgery is the most efficient and best for squinted vision. If one of the problems has been found, treatment should be initiated. Any person suffering from high blood pressure or too aged cannot go through this surgery. They should go through powered glasses treatment.

Side effects:

This surgery has been mastered over the years and is 100% safe with almost negligible side effects. Itching in the eyes in the initial period is expected and considered normal.


Rest during the recovery period is prescribed; no heavy work or long hour work is allowed. Patients are supposed to wear glasses for a couple of weeks to prohibit dust particles from entering eyes and causing itchiness. Swimming and long hour or looking at sunlight are strictly prohibited. The patient is send home the next day or same day, but post-treatment guidelines are supposed to be religiously followed. Life can jump back to normal within a week’s time, with some restrictions. The result of treatment is permanent in 95% of cases, some exceptions may include. This surgical process has been improved in years, but if any symptom may occur, additional treatment can fix it.

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