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Lasik Eye Surgery cost In Bangalore – Treatment and benefits

How much does Lasik Eye Surgery cost In Bangalore?

These days majority of people are diagnosed with some form of vision problems and the most common are
  • myopia (near-sightedness)
  • hyperopia (far-sightedness)
  • hyperopia (far-sightedness)
  • presbyopia
  • Patients diagnosed with the above vision problems are asked to wear eyeglasses or contact lens to help them see properly. With advancement in medical science, we now have a permanent solution for such vision problems. LASIK eye surgery has proved to be a miracle for all those people who have been struggling with vision issues for a while and helping in reducing dependency on eyeglasses or contacts.

About Lasik Eye Surgery

“Laser in-situ keratomileusis” popularly known as LASIK is a  refractive eye surgery vision is corrected using the laser in people who are suffering from near-sightedness and/or astigmatism. In LASIK eye surgery, with the help of either a microkeratome blade or a femtosecond laser, a thin layer is created in the cornea. This thin flap is then folded by the surgeon to remove corneal tissue lying underneath with the help of the excimer laser. After it is successfully done, the flap is placed back into its place.

LASIK eye surgery involves complex processes and if the surgeon conducting the surgery does not create the flap properly it can lead to permanent loss of vision. Hence, it is always advisable to get the surgery done by an experienced surgeon and a good eye hospital.

SEEDI Eye Care Center, based in Bangalore has 7 years of expertise in providing best laser eye surgery to the patients at a super affordable price. We use the best equipment and are very quick at incorporating the latest LASIK technology. All our procedures conform to International eye safety standards. Surgeons at Seedi Eye Care Centre are experienced and best at their work and take special care to give the best services to our patients.

What Influences the Total Price of Laser Eye Surgery in Bangalore?

  • Technology that is being used for the surgery plays a vital role in determining the overall cost of the surgery.
  • The type of procedure that is being employed is another factor determining the overall cost of the surgery
  • The city and location of the place where the surgery will be conducted influences the total cost of the surgery
  • If post-surgery care is included in the total surgery package, the cost would be higher. Similarly, if no add on service is being provided by the hospital, then the price of the surgery would be comparatively lower.

How LASIK Eye Surgery Is Performed

How much do you need to pay for Lasik surgery in Bangalore?

The major concern of patients who are planning to opt for LASIK eye surgery is the total cost involved in the entire procedure. The cost for Laser or Lasik eye treatment in Bangalore can vary from 20,000 INR to 80,000 INR depending on the Hospital. The cost varies mainly depends on the following three factors:

  • The level of vision correction required
  • Technology being used
  • Cost of the hospital and surgeon

The cost of the surgery includes the following factors:

  • Laser manufacturer fees and royalties
  • Office and Surgical Staff
  • Office Lease or Facility Fee (if the doctor shares lasers and technologies with other doctors)
  • Surgical, technical, and office equipment: purchase and maintenance
  • Surgical outerwear (gloves, surgical gowns, caps) and disposal products used for surgery
  • Medications
  • Marketing costs
  • Surgeons Fees and Time
  • Initial Examination and Consultation
  • Pre-Op Visit (before surgery)
  • LASIK Surgery Procedure
  • Follow Up Visits after surgery
  • Re-treatment surgery if additional correction is necessary
  • Insurance (including property, medical malpractice, workers comp, and other liability insurance).
  • Permits, Licenses, Taxes (local, state and federal)

LASIK Surgery Price at Seedi Eye Care Center starts from Rs 20,000 onwards and there is no compromise made on technology or skills. One of the key reasons why they have kept their pricing as minimal as possible is to make the service accessible for one and all.

Types of Lasik/Laser Eye Surgery with Cost

Customized Femtosecond LASIK Cost: Rs.80,000 Approx.(1150 USD ) to Rs.95,000 (1356 USD ) for both eyes

ReLEX smile Treatment Cost : Rs 1,00,000 Approx.(1428 USD ) to Rs. 1,20,000 (1714 USD) for both eyes

Optimized LASIK Surgery Cost: Rs. 20,000 Approx.(285 USD) to Rs. 35000 (500 USD) for both eyes

Customized LASIK SUrgery Cost: Rs. 40,000 Approx.(570 USD) to Rs.50,000 (715 USD) for both eyes

Laser Blended Vision Treatment for correcting Age-Related Near Vision Problems, Rs. 10000/- Extra to each of the above Treatment cost

Laser eye surgery is best for those who are fortunate to not experience any side effects post treatment. However, the complications mentioned above and the measures you need to adopt before treatment will ensure that you are on a safer side.

Remember, your eye sight is too important to take unnecessary risks.

LASIK vs. SMILE – Which is Better?

Know Your Options in Specs Removal/LASIK/Laser Surgery

Blade-less LASIK

Good Vision

US – FDA approved

Femto Laser + Excimer Laser

ONLY Specs Power Correction Possible

Fastest Visual Recovery

Computerised tracking during Laser delivery

Re-treatments possible


Normal Vision

US – FDA approved

Femto Laser ONLY

ONLY Specs Power Correction Possible

Recovery takes 5-12 days

Manual Tracking – No Computerized Tracking

Re-treatments difficult

Which is the most suitable procedure for you?
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