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Is there a Laser Surgery Age Limit?

What age is too young for laser eye surgery?

It is essential to note that eyes are also at their developing age with the child. Hence candidates below the age of 18 are barred from surgery, as authorized by FDA. The ideal age of having a Lasik Surgery “Link to lasik surgery page” done is after 20 years of age. However in some very rare and exceptional cases, the infants born with severe visual impairments are allowed for a Lasik. The risk is high in such cases, but as they are exceptional, only the best ophthalmologists are given the job of performing a LASIK on the baby.

Age too old for Laser surgery

Ideally, the Lasik should not be performed on patients above the age of 40 as this too is the time of change. However most patients suffering from cataract “Link to cataract surgery age” do need a Lasik and hence it is allowed for people above that age. Many times people as old as 70 years require a Lasik done to their eyes. Under healthy conditions aka no diabetics or increased sugar levels, no smoking or ill habits, Lasik is successfully performed on such candidates. They are in fact more suitable for Lasik compared to a 20 something candidate who smokes. The age group of 20-40 years is correct for a laser eye surgery. However under normal conditions you are never too old for them, and for some extreme cases, you are never too young for one. You should though refrain from ill-habits like smoking, alcoholism etc. to prevent your eyes, and be suitable for surgery when required. After all, a healthy body begets a healthy mind.