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How much does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in India?

Laser eye surgery is now considered a common procedure with about 100,000------ people undergoing some variation of the treatment in India each year. LASIK eye surgery is a treatment option for people who want to gain clearer vision and also want to get rid of glasses and lens permanently. The design of this treatment has been done for treating Myopia or short sightedness along with astigmatism and hyperopia (far sightedness). Though LASIK surgeries show excellent success, complications may arise post treatment. These are rare and can be resolved with medical treatments or additional surgery. We understand your concerns about the process, although, you should know that it is relatively free from major medical problems. LASIK is not life threatening and LASIK does not cause cataracts. In India it is more common to treat people with thin corneas because Indian people have thinner corneas than Americans. So ophthalmologists there have significant experience in treating these types of patients. Through proper screening complications can be easily avoided, however, they definitely exist and can’t be ignored.

Complications in Laser Surgery may only arise due to the following reasons:

  • Inflammation under flap (DLK): There may be various reasons for this condition. However, if not controlled, it can cause hindrance in healing or lead to loss of vision too. Lifting of the flap will be necessitated if such a condition arises for removing inflammation causing cells and prevent further damage to tissue.

  • Dry eyes: There are some patients who may experience dry eyes post laser surgery. For one, the patient must not suffer from continuous dry eye. Tear production may be reduced and blurred vision along with discomfort are common factors associated. This condition is experienced by close to half patients who undergo laser eye surgery.

  • Eye Health: A thorough check up with the doctor himself can prevent this problem. Patients shouldn’t have any complicated eye diseases such as corneal diseases, glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal or optic nerve diseases. Certain eye conditions like herpes, must also not exist prior to the procedure.

  • Contacts: Usage of Contact lens needs to be avoided prior to a LASIK procedure. The time duration of this can be decided by your medical practitioner, on a case by case basis. Corneal stability before your LASIK surgery procedure, is ensured by this.

  • Ingrowth in epithelium: LASIK surgery may lead to growth of cells from the cornea’s outer layer below the flap. Though this condition can be self-limiting, it may cause blurred vision or discomfort to some patients.

However, most of these complications can be countered if the patient performs some background checks and ensures treatment is done only from bonafide clinics and hospitals. Proper screening as mentioned earlier is crucial for successful laser eye surgery. Again, a reputed surgeon will ensure that you are the ideal candidate for performing eye surgery. If not, the surgeon may suggest some alternative method for treatment. Tests like Wave Front Analysis, Dry Eye Test must be conducted vigilantly before LASIK is conducted.

What Influences the Price of Laser Eye Surgery in India?

Many factors determine how much a LASIK procedure will cost you. The most important ones are:

  • Technology:A clinic offering state-of-the-art technology, with renowned equipment may charge a little more than clinics that perhaps use technology of a lower standard.

  • Types of Procedure:Certain minimally invasive, non-standard procedures like the bladeless ReLEx SMILE can end up costing more than regular procedures. But you’re paying for what you’re getting.

  • Location:Depending on the city and the locality, the prices of the clinic might fluctuate. Big cities often have a little more expensive set-up as compared to smaller cities. This is due to the sheer higher cost of setting-up in big cities.

  • Aftercare: Many clinics and centres nowadays offer aftercare as an added package. Which means you don’t compulsorily have to opt for it? (This implies it won’t be included in the overall cost, so you’ll have to be vigilant for that).

  • Hospital Size:Economies of Scale plays out here. The bigger the firm, the lower the prices they’re able to offer because their overall costs are lower. Clinics with a nationwide set up of doctors and assistive staff are often less expensive.

  • Patient Care: Often an optometrist or optician will carry out the initial assessments, which can help reduce the cost when compared to an assessment by the surgeon. Be a little cautious with this because it doesn’t allow you to build a professional relationship with the surgeon prior to your surgery. Which is often underestimated but an integral part of your comfort with the procedure?

See video below: How LASIK Eye Surgery Is Performed

How much do you need to pay for Lasik surgery in India?

Laser or Lasik eye treatment in India can cost from 20,000 INR to 90,000 INR depending on factors such as type of clinic/Hospital you choose, Your city of residence and other associated treatments based on your conditions. Some centres may offer you a much lower cost, but you’ll tacitly be agreeing to the usage of inferior technology, lower involvement of the surgeon, and far less follow up care. Perhaps you might even not be satisfied by the results. Some centres offer a low price from appearances but the prices begin to rise steeply once you’ve been evaluated and treatment is finalised. Sometimes it would perhaps not even be a surgeon conducting your evaluation! Which, I believe, is the single most important step in the LASIK process because here accuracy is established by collecting data. So be very careful before you opt for a centre.

Types of Lasik/Laser Eye Surgery with Cost

Customized Femtosecond LASIK Cost: Rs.80,000 Approx.(1150 USD ) to Rs.95,000 (1356 USD ) for both eyes

ReLEX smile Treatment Cost : Rs 1,00,000 Approx.(1428 USD ) to Rs. 1,20,000 (1714 USD) for both eyes

Optimized LASIK Surgery Cost: Rs. 20,000 Approx.(285 USD) to Rs. 35000 (500 USD) for both eyes

Customized LASIK SUrgery Cost: Rs. 40,000 Approx.(570 USD) to Rs.50,000 (715 USD) for both eyes

Laser Blended Vision Treatment for correcting Age-Related Near Vision Problems, Rs. 10000/- Extra to each of the above Treatment cost

Laser eye surgery is best for those who are fortunate to not experience any side effects post treatment. However, the complications mentioned above and the measures you need to adopt before treatment will ensure that you are on a safer side.

Remember, your eye sight is too important to take unnecessary risks.

LASIK vs. SMILE – Which is Better?

Know Your Options in Specs Removal/LASIK/Laser Surgery

Blade-less LASIK

Good Vision

US – FDA approved

Femto Laser + Excimer Laser

ONLY Specs Power Correction Possible

Fastest Visual Recovery

Computerised tracking during Laser delivery

Re-treatments possible


Normal Vision

US – FDA approved

Femto Laser ONLY

ONLY Specs Power Correction Possible

Recovery takes 5-12 days

Manual Tracking – No Computerized Tracking

Re-treatments difficult

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