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Essential Ways Glaucoma Treatment Can Help You Get Better Vision

Ways in which you can treat glaucoma

1. Medication
Treatment with eye drops can prevent the nerves from further damage and protect our vision. Eyes drops will help reduce fluid formation in front of the eye and increase fluid drainage. This lowers and controls intra ocular pressure. Depending on how serious it is even oral medication maybe prescribed.
2. Laser surgery
Another option is to undergo laser eye surgery. Trabecular plasty surgery can solve all open angle glaucoma related vision problems by enhancing the eye fluid drainage process and regulate the pressure within the eye. It also treats the fluid blockage problem in the eye.
3. Invasive surgery
A microsurgery called trabeculectomy will help solve all your visionary complications if you are suffering from glaucoma.In this surgery, microscope and special instruments are used to make a new bypass channel to aid drainage of the eye fluid. This surgery will also reduce eye pressure and prevent damage of the optic nerve. This surgery is recommended only if the medication fails to deliver results.
4. Combination therapy
This involves laser surgery, eye drops and oral medication may also be involved to relieve the glaucoma symptoms and provide better visibility.
5. Noninvasive surgery
This is a modern method to reduce the probability of post surgery infection and other complications. Stainless steel shunts and probe like devises are inserted in the anterior region of the eye to improve fluid drainage and regulate pressure. The surgical side effects can be avoided through this method and vision can be restored at a faster rate.
6. Cyanoplasty
In this type of surgery a fine catheter is used by the surgeon for clearing the blocked drainage canal, so that the eye fluid is enhanced and flows with out any hindrance. This in turn reduces eye pressure and restores normal vision.