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Delaying the cataract surgery- Is there any risk in postponing cataract?

Delaying the cataract surgery- Is there any risk in postponing cataract?

Delaying the cataract surgery- Is there any risk in postponing cataract?

In recent days, cataract has become most common eye disease which can be seen in the majority of the people over the age 40 years. There is nothing to be afraid of this blurred vision problem, but at the same time it is not an issue which can be ignored as it simply cannot be treated by wearing eye wears or with any eye drops. The cataract which is clouding the clear lens of the eye has to be removed by the cataract surgery. The surgery can be done in few minutes and it is considered as the safest surgery.

Cataract surgery is an elective surgery; it can be delayed for fewer days, you never have to rush as it is never an emergency surgery one should undergo. You can continue to manage with your eye wears until and unless this clouding doesn’t interfere your everyday activities like night driving, reading books and other daily life routines.

But never to forget, every factor on this earth has its own limits, beyond that things might get complicated. When the visual problems reach the point where your daily life activities gets disturbed, it will be an alarm for you to get your eyes treated and get rid of other alternatives like glasses and other eye wears.

It is suggested to get the surgery done at the earliest as the surgery anyways is the must and it does not leave you with any other options. It might end up getting more worse and become more hard as it progresses and creating more complications like

  1. Cataract eventually starts interfering with your daily activities, making you inactive and less productive by preventing you from night drives, reading road symbols and instructions, using electronic gadgets, reading books and other hobbies like knitting, quilting etc.

  2. Cataract is characterized by progressive deterioration which eventually causes more protein misfolding and aggregation and creates cloudier and finally leads to loss of vision. So if cataract is left untreated, it will finally bring you blindness.

  3. Delayed cataract surgery hampers the quality of the treatment later and becomes more difficult during the surgery. As cataract becomes harder, it increases the risk in the complications of surgery. It can also prolong the recovery period and might leave you with more side effects.

    Although cataract is not a major disease and need not to be treated immediately, leaving it delayed for very long can cause more risks and complications. If you can get your vision clarity back to normal and get rid of those eye wears permanently, it is better to get the surgery done and get back to normal life being more active.